Gringa Flan Turns Seven!

On the days leading up to our 7th year anniversary, I did some soul searching on why I started Gringa Flan.  

Gringa Flan is built on Love..

One of the initial reasons I built this business was very simple.   I love to cook, and I love when people enjoy my cooking.  So, when I created my Signature Coconut and people went crazy for it, I was thrilled.

Then came the reactions.....

And, witnessing the reaction I saw on people's faces when they tried the flan for the first time was priceless.   If only I had it all on camera!  I saw eyes rolling back, I heard moans, and I even got some singing & dancing.  You can't make it up!

Flan Stories are the BEST stories..

After the initial reactions, I began to hear your stories.  These stories are family stories, friend stories, stories of fun times, stories of special occasions, stories of people that created this special dessert JUST for you.  I clung onto every word and was humbled by these stories. 

One of my flan fans shared with me of a story of her Abuelo's flan.  She described how delicious it was & how she loved to watch him prepare it.   She said that after he passed away, she inherited his treasured flan pan!  What a beautiful flan story!   

Flan stories are what helped bring Gringa Flan to Seven years!  Thank you all for your continued Love and support.  

Here's to many more years of #LoveBakedFresh.  



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