The Gringa Flan Story

The founder of Gringa Flan, Jessica Welsh, grew up in the DC area and learned her passion for cooking from her Texan Mom & paternal Grandmother. She moved from DC to Miami to attend college and immediately fell in love with the all amazing food and flavors that South Florida had to offer. The first time she was introduced to flan, she was intrigued. It was like a little work of art; from the way it was flipped, to the display of caramel cascading over the decadent dessert.

Jessica created her own flan recipe and began to share it with family and friends. The reaction to the flan was incredible! Her flan reminded them of the flan that their Abuelitas or Tias used to make. After hearing this common thread over and over, Jessica realized that flan was so much more than just a common Hispanic dessert. Flan is special times spent with family. Flan is memories of laughing with friends. And Gringa Flan is Jessica's creation of #LoveBakedFresh.

Gringa Flan was established in 2014, and was named the Best Flan of Miami (by Miami New Times) in 2016. Gringa Flan has over 40 flavors to choose from and several sizes (from single serve to family size). Gringa Flan is sold online with pick-up & delivery options. It's also sold at some popular Miami restaurants & markets.

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