How long will my Gringa Flan keep?
Your flan will stay fresh for up to two weeks.

How do I store my Gringa Flan?
Keep your flan refrigerated in its original container or on your serving plate once flipped.

How do I flip my Gringa Flan?
Our flan comes in the original container it was baked in and should be flipped for the best presentation and enjoyment.
- score all edges of flan to separate from container
- place serving plate on top of flan
- hold plate and flan container securely and flip quickly
- place on table and jiggle lightly to loosen flan, wait for it to drop
- remove container & use spatula to move remaining caramel onto flipped flan
- ENJOY .... refrigerate leftovers (if there are any) 

Who is The Gringa?
The founder of Gringa Flan, Jessica Welsh, grew up in the DC area and immediately fell in love with the all amazing food and flavors that South Florida had to offer. Jessica created her own flan recipe and began to share it with family and friends. Gringa Flan was established in 2014 and was named the Best Flan of Miami (by Miami New Times) in 2016.

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Why Gringa Flan?
Although other flan can be found across the country, the love that goes into every Gringa Flan along with our joy of creating new flavors and options for our flan fans is what sets us apart from the rest. Jessica personally crafts each recipe herself with the help of her team and takes pride & joy in the number of loyal customers who've made Gringa Flan their go to sweet for every event.

Is there a gluten free Gringa Flan offered?
All of our flans are gluten free!

Is there a sugar free, diabetic friendly Gringa Flan offered?
We have created an amazing sugar free flan that is quickly becoming a flan fan favorite.

Is there a Keto friendly Gringa Flan offered?
We have modified several of our most popular flan flavors to be Keto friendly. Modifying our recipes allows you to enjoy the great flan you are used to while adhering to a Keto diet.   Our Caramel Keto Flan has only .37 grams of carbs, per 4oz serving!

Is Gringa Flan high in calories?
Our flan ranges in caloric content between 180 and 380 calories per serving.

Will my Gringa Flan travel well?
Our flan is securely and safely contained in the original container in which it was baked with a tightly sealed lid.  You will arrive at your celebration with a beautiful flan ready to be flipped and enjoyed.  If traveling for a long period of time, remember to keep it cool!  

What safety precautions are taken during preparation?
- Sanitation of all essentials for baking is required at all steps of the preparation and packing process
- Work areas are kept clean and organized
- Personnel are required to adhere to required standards of cleanliness
- Equipment is rigorously cleaned and maintained
- Once our flan is removed from the oven, it is covered and sold in its original container. No need for us to handle the baked flan before you enjoy it
- Flan is stored in on site refrigeration with temperatures closely monitored

Do you have a store location to pick up my Gringa Flan?
We are located inside The Sugar Boutique at 17856 S. Dixie Highway in Cutler Bay.

What are your store hours and delivery dates?
Our store is open for free tastings and order pick ups Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11am-4pm.
We deliver Monday, Wednesday & Friday between 11am and 2pm. Delivery fee required.

Do you deliver outside of the general area of your store?
We deliver to other areas around Miami. Please contact us regarding your order for turnaround time and delivery fees.

Do you ship Gringa Flan out of state?
We are working on shipping options that will allow our flan to arrive is perfect condition... nothing less is up to Gringa Flan standards. Please contact us and we will try to accommodate your request.

Can I purchase a Gringa Flan gift certificate?
We offer online gift certificates of $25 and $50. They may be used for both online and in store purchases.